Member Management

Naturally Designed for Simplicity

Unlimited Members

Associations need great software which can scale organically. Nectar includes unlimited members for one affordable monthly fee.

Organizations & Individuals

Use Nectar to track and manage membership registration and renewals for both individual and organizational members. Create custom membership types to control the number of organizational members and setup special rates.

Member Data & Contacts

Not everybody has one email or phone number. You can add as many emails addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Need to track a member’s people? Add unlimited contacts to any member for their assistant, spouse or billing contact.

Notes & Flagging

Your members are your business and Nectar has the tools you need to take care of them. Keep notes and alert other staff members. Flag members that need extra attention. Pin notes so the top things, like “Prefers morning phone calls” are visible to your entire team.

Powerful events

One-time and recurring events

Sell Tickets & Sponsorships

Setup Multiple ticket prices, configure special rates by member type and create early bird specials. Flexible sponsorship options with included tickets and pricing by date.

Landing Page

Nectar AMS automatically creates landing pages for every event to make it quick and easy to market your events through social media, email and print.

Venues & Vendors

Manage your venues and vendors to centralize communications, save contracts and make it easy to share parking tips and other special instructions.


Setup multi-step agendas including different locations. Make it easy to communicate to your members when and where to be.

WordPress Integration

WordPress powers 30% of the Internet!

Powerful Content Management

Get the power you need! WordPress supports easy formatting, images, video, downloads and a host of add-ons and tools. We have built a cloud-based AMS that connects to your WordPress site using our innovative plugin.

Easy to Manage

You don’t have to be developer to manage your own website. Don’t like DIY? Use your current web developer or contact one of our Preferred Partners to help integrate your website with Nectar AMS.

Full Control

Your public and private websites are completely in your control. Setup unlimited pages, host videos, integrate powerful tracking tools, and integrate Nectar AMS with your new or existing website.

ECommerce & Invoicing

Accept and Manage Payments

Online Payments

Easily connect your Stripe or account to accept online payments for registration, renewals, events and products.

Invoices & Payments

Create professional PDF invoices automatically or on demand. Members can view invoices and pay using your association permitted payment methods including credit card, check, wire transfer and cash. Members can login to your website and view invoice and payment history at anytime when you connect your website to Nectar AMS.

Online Store

Do you sell books, videos or clothes? Use the Nectar online store to sell both physical and virtual products to members and non-members.

Data Management

Your Data in Your Control


This is your data. Easily export member data including invoice history, notes, and contact information to CSV format.

Custom Fields

Store all of your member data in one place. Create unlimited custom fields in Nectar AMS to to track and report membership information which is unique to your members.

Data & Contacts

Not everybody has one email or phone number. Easily add unlimited emails addresses, phone numbers, and websites to any member.

Third Party Integreation

Nectar AMS offers a robust API which allows your development team to read/write data.

Admin Tools

Manage Multiple Associations

Do you support multiple associations? Easily switch between all of your associations right from the cloud-based administrative site.

Unlimited Staff

You never have to share accounts or worry about who to add to your account. With Nectar AMS you get unlimited staff accounts and you can easily manage permissions online.

Roles & Access

Not everybody should be able to do everything. Nectar AMS enables you to setup staff roles to control who can manage members, money and events.